Inspired by Amos 5

I’m in church, I’m sitting in the back. 

I’m taking time to soak in all of my surroundings. 

This isn’t new, this is familiar. So far so good. 

We sing, we pray… we are worshipping. 

But something is off, the sounds we sing echo back 

What is going on? Why are we not being heard? 

What is God doing? How could He oppress us? 

I’m in church, I’m sweating in the back. 

I feel the condemnation, I feel the hypocrisy. 

A sea of white shouts words of praise to God. 

Few blotches of light brown appear like moles on a body. 

Unnecessary… pointless, arbitrary, we pay them no attention. 

I’m in church, I’m weeping. 

I know why God is cuffing His ears. 

We have not heard the cries of the hurting. 

What are we doing? How could we oppress them? 

The church has become silent. Loud hymns fill the building…

But all I hear is silence. All God hears is silence. All the world hears is silence. 

Why are we silent? What are we doing? 

Let the justice flow. Let the gongs be hushed. 

Listen closely. They are yelling, they are pleading. 

 – KW